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New High-Quality Tires in Shelby, NC

Your tires can be your best friend or your worst nightmare depending on how you treat them. If you don’t properly maintain your tires, then they can give you serious and sometimes dangerous problems. Inevitably, though, the tires that you have on your vehicle will wear down, and it will be time for a new set. When this happens, it is important to pick a set of high-quality tires to keep you out on the road longer with fewer hiccups. Keep you and your passengers safe by replacing your tires when it is needed.


When Is It Time to Get New Tires?

The two common ways to measure if your tread is below what it should be are using a tire depth gauge or using the “penny” method. Using a tire depth gauge on the space between the treads of your tires is the more exact of the two methods. The “penny” method is less exact, but it is a lower cost option that takes only a penny. Take the penny and place it upside down between the tread so that Lincoln’s hair is facing down and towards you. It’s time to get new tires if you can see Lincoln’s whole head and hair. It’s time to go tire shopping if you can only partially see the top of Lincoln’s hair on his head. Lastly, it’s safe to drive safe if you cannot see the hair on the top of his head. Here are a few rules and visual cues to go by when it comes to signs of wear on your tires:

  • The “tread wear bars” are level with the regular threads of your tire
  • Check for cracks in the sidewall and tread of the tire
  • 1/16th of an inch is the minimum amount of tread you want to have
  • Unusual vibrations in the steering wheel can be a signal of bad tires
  • 10 years is the maximum you want to have a set of tires


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When you need a new set of tires for your vehicle, put your vehicle in the hands of friendly mechanics who work with tires every day in our service center at Renaldo Auto Group in Shelby, NC. We pride ourselves in our quick tire change services and our competitive pricing. Give us a call at (704)-406-8100 with any questions that you might have, and you can always come visit us at 4423 E Dixon Blvd in Shelby, NC near Spartanburg, Greenville, Charlotte, and Asheville for a new set of tires today!