Wheel Alignment in Shelby, NC

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Importance of Getting Your Tires Aligned

It is extremely important to keep an eye on the tread of your tires. Our tires keep us moving and ignoring their wear can be damaging to your vehicle and your wallet. The most common wear on your tires is from the road itself. If your tires are not aligned properly this wear and tear will become more significant, namely due to the fact that your tires begin to wear unevenly. Uneven wear on tires can lead to blowouts and new tire replacement.


Improper Alignment: What Can Cause It and How is It Fixed?

Do you feel your car pulling to one side or the other when you are trying to drive straight? This is one of the major signs that your wheel alignment is not within the recommended alignment. What could have caused your wheel alignment to become not properly aligned? Well, the wheel alignment on your vehicle can be dislodged by running over pot holes, hitting the curb, bumping concrete parking stalls, car accidents, and more. If you believe that your vehicle is out of alignment, then it is recommended to bring your vehicle into a shop that has the tools, technology, and information to get your vehicle’s alignment set back into its proper position. It is difficult to get a vehicle’s alignment right due to the specialized tools that are involved in the process of realignment and the non-standard way that car alignments are set up. In fact, almost ever model from each automaker in the world has a different specification for how the alignment is supposed to be set up.



Get Your Tires Realigned By the Pros

When you feel that your tire alignment is off, put your vehicle in the hands of our friendly, high-trained technicians that have access to the information and specialized tools at our service center in Shelby, NC to get the job done properly the first time. Renaldo Auto Mall prides itself in providing professional and quick service to each and every customer in our shop, and so when you come in, expect nothing less! Before you come in, though, take a look at our service specials to save some money on some of your regularly schedule maintenance, and feel free to give us a call at (704)-406-8100 with any questions. If you are in need of repairs or maintenance, visit us at 4423 E Dixon Blvd in Shelby, NC near Spartanburg, Greenville, Charlotte, and Asheville today so that we can show you the Renaldo difference.